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Go fund me page

Posted by on July 9, 2018 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (67) We Are asking for donations to help my team and i to open a haunted museum here in toledo, Ohio. Our goal is $6,000 dollars if you can donate $5 or $10 dollars it does go long way. I am doing this to help the city and to allow people from around the world come and investiagte my museum. Please donate if you can!!!

Vanishing gates

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here is another interview with vanishing gates podcast show.

please go like there page and listen to all three of these guys they are very funny men.


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Everyone please visit Ghoststop online where you can get all your ghost hunting equiment.

You would be helping my team out by buying some equiment. 5% of the sales will go to my team.

Please take a moment and look at there website.




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Spirit Radio the Paranormal experience Interview

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Here podcast interview with Spirit Radio the Paranormal experience. It was a great honor to be on there podcast show with Willy and Lynne and talk about my experiences with the paranormal and to be able to talk about my Haunted Doll that I still own. Please everyone give this episode a listen and go follow there Podcast page on Facebook. When you click on the link it takes you strait to there podcast list of episodes just click on the that says Dennis Hagan 12/15/2019.

Vanishing Gates interview

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this was a awesome intervew with Vanishing gates.


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This interview was done when I was still with Life Spirit Paranormal, and It was great interview. Please enjoy the interview.

Glass city Grind

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I had the privilege to be interviewed on the Glass City Grind where I talked about many things, so please watch the interview and enjoy.

Happy Halloween!

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Good day! We at Toledo Spirit Hunters wanted to wish you a happy and safe Halloween! Hope your night is as scary as you wish it to be!

~ Toledo Spirit Hunters